Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone

Cas No: 108-10-1           
EINESC No: 203-550-1
Molecular weight: 72.107 g/mol  

Chemical Formula: C6H12O
Chemical Structure: 

Physical Properties

General Properties: luminous, colorless liquid

Odor: pleasant, fruity

Intensity: 0.802g/cm3

Boiling point: 118 °C

Melting point: -84.7 ° C

Flash point: 14 °C

Vapor pressure: 16 mmHg (20 °C)

Refraction index: 1.3958 nD

Solubility :1,19 g/100 mL (20 °C)


General Properties

Methyl isobutyl ketone, or MIBK, is a colorless liquid that has a plesant odor. It is used as solvent for many different fields. Its dissolve ratio in water is in less amounts compared to acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. Therefore, it is more efficient in extraction processes. Although it has similar polarity to ethyl acetate, it is more stable in aqueous acid or alcali solutions. It can be mixed with many organic solvents in any amount.


Methyl isobutyl ketone is usually produced from acetone. This process contains three stages; aldol reaction to create diacetone alcohol,  dehydration of diacetone alcohol to create mesityl oxide, hydrogenetion of mesityl oxide to create methyl isobutyl ketone.


Methyl isobutyl ketone is used as solvent for mucilages, resins and polishes. Its is a good solvent for dyes, varnishes, nitrocellulose lacks, eopxies and polyurethane systems. It is also used in dyeing business by mixing it with acetone

It is also used as surface modifier. It is preferred for determining the level of certain mines which are acquired via cyanide. It works as a solvent for pepper sprays. It is also used as alcohol denaturant.

Safety Measures and Toxic Values

Methyl isobutyl ketone is irritant for eyes and skin. It may cause airway problems in prolonged exposures. It may also cause liver and kidney diseases.

It is also extremely flammable. Therefore, it must be stored in tightly closed containers and it must be kept away from fire sources.