Polyvinyl Alcohol

Cas No: 9002-89-5           
EINESC No: 100.121.648
Molecular weight: –  

Chemical Formula: [CH2CH(OH)]n
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: white powder, granure

Odor: odorless

Intensity: 1.19-1.31 g/cm3 

Boiling point: > 70 °C

Melting point: 190 °C

Flash point: –

Vapor pressure:-

Refraction index: 1,477 nD

Solubility (aqueous) completely soluble

General Properties

Polyvinyl alcohol, or PVA, is a colorlerss, thermoplastic, water soluble, resin-ish, synthetic high polymer which is acquired by polymerisation of vinyl acetate and a catalyst. It has adhesive properties and it is efficient in creating film and emulsifying. It is resistant to most solvent and oil. It has been mostly produced for cotton sizing.


Contrary to most vinyl polymers, polyvinyl acetate is not produced from relevant polymerisation of monomers. Instead, it is produced by hydrolisation of polyvinyl acetate. This process is usually executed by transesterificaton with ethanol in presence of a catalyst.


Polyvinyl alcohol is mostly used in sizing process in textile business. It makes fabric resistant to wear and tear by engulfing voile. It is removed before dyeing by dissolving in water.

It is used as thinner and adhesive in latex dyes, paper coatings, hair sprays, shampoo and glues.

It works as carbon dioxide barrier in plastic bottles. It is also used as fastener and coating agent in food industry.

Polyvinyl alcohol is raw material of side starch which is used in finish stage of 17/88 fabric. It is also starting substance for other resin preparations. It is used as a companent in sponge production. It is used to increase films resistance to solvents or oxygen.

Polyvinyl alcohol is also used as a compound for suspensing and consistance improving agent for adhesives and emulsifiers.

Security Measures and Toxic Values

Unless there is an extreme exposure, polyvinyl alcohol is not toxic and it is non-flammable. Although it slowly decomposes in nature, its low concentrations are not dangerous to fish.