Iso Butyl Acetate

Cas No: 110-19-0           
EINESC No: 203-745-1
Molecular weight: 116,16 g/mol  

Chemical Formula: C6H12O2
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: Colorless liquid

Odor: Fruity

Intensity: 0,875 g/cm3

Boiling point: 118 °C

Melting point:  -99 °C

Flash point:  18 °C

Vapor pressure: 13 mm Hg

Refraction index:

Solubility (aqueous) 0,7 g/100 mL

General Properties

Isobutyl acetate, or 2-methylpropyl ethanoate, is a solvent. Like many esters, isobutyl acetate has fruity or strawberry-ish odor in low concentrations. It may gain a disturbing odor in higher concentrations. It possesses three isomers; n-butyl acetate, tert-butyl acetate and sec-butyl acetate.


Isobutyl acetate is generally produced by Fischer esterification where isobutyl alcohol and acetic acid are heated together.


Isobutyl acetate is used as solvent for varnishes and nitrocelluloses. It is a highly preferred dye additive. It can also be found in parfumes. It is also commonly used as food additive substance.

Safety Measures and Toxicity

Isobutyl acetate does not cause serious health problems in lower concentrations. However, it is hazardous in higher concentrations. It may cause dryness or cracks on skin. If it is inhaled, it may cause nausea or vertigo.

Isobutyl acetate is flammable and it must be mixed with oxidising agents with care. In high temperatures, it may form explosive mixtures in air. It must be stored in tightly closed containers.