White Spirit / Synthetic Thinner

Cas No: 64742-88-7           
EINESC No: 265-191-7
Molecular weight: – (Karışım Halindedir) 

Chemical Formula: CnHm
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: colorless liquid

Odor: strong

Intensity: 0.73 g/mL (20 ° C)

Boiling point: 140-200  °C

Melting point:

Flash point: 31-54  °C

Vapor pressure: 0,6 kPa (20 ° C)

Refraction index: 1.41-1.44 (20 ° C)

Solubility indissoluble


General Properties

White spirit is a lumious, oil variant liquid that is commonly used as dye thinner. It usually contains between 7 and 12 aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons. White spirit is called ‘type 1’ if it is produced by hydrodesulphurication, ‘type 2’ if solvent extractors and ‘type 3’ if hydrogenetion. Each type is divided as low, standard and high, depending on flasinh points. There is also ‘type 0’ which is produced via distillation.


White spirit is produced by mixture of petrochemistry products.


White spirit is a chemical that commonly used in dye thinners and cleaning products. It is the most common solvent in dyeing business. It is used as extraction solvent in aerosols, wood protectos, polishes, varnishes and asphalt products. White spirit is also used to clean textile products.

It is also used to clean dye brushes, certain automotive components and grills.

It is also a good, low-cost alternative for turpentine. It can be used in oil paints.

It seems to be good fuel source due to its high flammability but it is also highly volatile thus, it is not preferred in this field.

Safety Measures and Toxic Values

White spirit possesses low toxicity in low amounts. However, it may cause nausea, dizziness and head ache. In higher doses, narcotic effects are also possible. Chronic exposures may lead to depression, sleep disorders and damages in neural system. It is also extremely irritant for eyes and skin and it may cause rash.

It is also extremely flammable. Therefore, it must be stored in well-aired, cool environments. It must be stored in tightly closed containers.