About Us

Our company, completey domestic capital funded, provides national and international chemic raw material procurance, storage and sales by its agents and distributors for many business fields such as; Textile, Automotive, Agriculture, Detergent, Cosmetic, Plastic, Rubber, Metal & Aluminium, Food and other industries.

Our Mission

We aim for a sustainability to meet the expectations and standards of the employees and suppliers within a business morality, sense and susceptibility at maximum levels.

Our Vision

We live in an age where change is inevitable, we are aware of this fact and, as a foundation that constantly refreshes itself and benefits from modern knowledge and technology, we aim to support our young, dynamic, environment-sensitive team who tries its best to do good in every part of this country, making our company active in the market and improve our business partners beyond tradership.

It has become a pioneer foundation who is comitted to necessary norms of modern tradership and thanks to its environment-sensitive sense of trading; it possesses world-class safety technologies, filling & storage properties to keep up with modern competition.

We are aware that the business we do carries responsibility and we try to make deliveries in time with minimal errors and self-provided logistic capabilities to provide our customers with help, instructions and high-level security after importation process.

Our company has registered its equipment and resources with ISO 9001-2008/10002-2004 certificate which identifies audity and quality standards by criteria of pioneer foundations. It tries to use its every means to maintain the ongoin innovation principle without giving up its quality.