Ethical and Professional

We Have Been Doing
What We Love for 25 Years

A Dynamic Staff
Who Loves Their Jobs

Fast and High Quality Raw Material Procurance

For Textile, Automotive, Agriculture, Detergent, Cosmetic, Plastic, Rubber, Metal & Aluminium, Food Industries, Mikro Teknik aims to procure the right product in the fastest way.

We Have Been Working to Achieve the Best for 25 Years

We work for our business partners everyday. Thanks to our high storaga capacity and strong logistic network, we deliver the desired product at the desired time with the most competitive prices.

Respect is Priority

As Mikro Teknik family, we respect the people and the nature beyond commercial concern.

We perform the necessary security procedures and we make sure that they are properly followed. We provide regular check-ups and we never let our guard down against any possible incident. We provide a fresh work environment for all of our personnel and we work as systematically and disciplined as possible in order to generate accretion value.

All of our chemicals undergo pretreatment via waste pool system before they are released to city network. We perform appropriate decontamination processes. We are aware of our responsibilities to nature and we follow the necessary decontamination and recycling procedures in all of our

Every Color is Beautiful, Every Color is Chemistry

Chemistry can only be done by excitement, curiosity and persistence. Chemistry and all other science branches have occurred from our single basic instinct; curiosity. Throughout history, mankind has always been amazed at the sight of nature and tried to understand its environment. Mankind has understood nature through research and has become more curious as he understood more.

From Faraday, who started with binding books and improved himself to be the man that made today’s life possible for all of us, to Madame Curie who lost her life for science, and from her to C.C. Petterson who fought to stop the use of leaded gasoline for our sake , many scientist actually started out with nothing but a pursuit of a childish instinct. This instinct and thirst is one of the sole sentiments that all humans share. We feel indebted to thank all scientists who pursue their curiosity and make today’s life and working stream possible.