Cas No: 67-56-1           
EINESC No: 200-659-6
Molecular weight: 32.04 g/mol  

Chemical Formula: CH3OH
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: Colorless Liquid

Odor: Strong, characteristic

Intensity: 0,792 g/cm3

Boiling point: 64,7 °C

Melting point: -97,6 °C

Flash point: 11 °C

Vapor pressure: 13,02 kPa (20 °C)

Refraction index: 1.33 nD

Solubility (aqueous) : Compeletely miscible

General Properties

Methanol or methyl alcohol is a light, volatile, colorless and flammable liquid. It is extremely toxic for humans. It is the active substance in false liquors. It ıs the simplest alcohol. Its taste is similar to ethyl alcohol. It burns with a pale blue flame that cannot be seen in daylight. It is also known as wood alcohol as it is acquired by heating wood in a anaerobic environment.

Methyl alcohol is both a very good solvent and raw material for many industrial chemicals.

Also, methanol is abundantly found in places that stars are formed in space. Astronomers interpret its abundance as indicator for beginning of a star formation in a specific place.


Although methanol was acquired from wood distillation in early times, it is completely acquired from reaction of carbon monoxide and hydrogen via a catalyst in today’s chemistry. Alloys of copper and zinc oxides are generally used as catalyst. Every year, million of tons of methyl alcohol is produced worldwide.


Methanol is the main raw material in formaldehyde production. It is also a pioneer for different industrial chemicals such as acetic acid and certain hydrocarbons.

Methanol is commonly used as solvent for waste water purificaton and polymer production.

It had been used for antifreeze and spirit lamp production and denaturalization of ethyl alcohol in early times. However, its usage was restricted in many countries due to its hazardous nature for human health.

Methyl alcohol is also used in fuel production for internal combustion engines. It  is also used as a performance improving agent throughout the world. It is a proper source of fuel as it has low flash point. It is also used as additive subtance for fuels.

Safety Measures and Toxic Values

Methyl alcohol is extremely toxic for humans. If swallowed, it may cause permanent blindness, even in its 10ml pure form. 30ml of it is potentially fatal. It may cause metabolic malfunction by transforming into toxic substances. In these cases, an antidote must be taken as soon as possible.

It is also extremely flammable and it has more weight than air. The fires that are caused by it should be extinguished by foam extinguisher.