Toluene / Industrial Thinner

Cas No: 108-88-3           
EINESC No: 203-625-9
Molecular weight: 92.141 gr/mol  

Chemical Formula: C7H8
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: colorless liquid

Odor: strong, sweet

Intensity: 0,87 g/mL (20 ° C)

Boiling point: 111 °C

Melting point: -95°C

Flash point: 4 °C

Vapor pressure: 2,8 kPa (20 ° C)

Refraction index: 1.497 nD (20 ° C)

Solubility (aqueous) 0,52 g / L (20 ° C)


General Properties

Toluene is a colorless hydrocarbone that has characteristics of thinner. It is also found in pure oil in low amounts. It is created by addition of a methyl group to a benzene cycle. Therefore, it is named as methyl benzene.

Toluene is not polar but it is a good solvent for many organic substances as it has methyl group. It does not become carciogenic when it is mixed with benzene.

It is also a better reactor than benzene due to reactivity of a methyl group. Therefore, it is a raw material for many aromatic compound.

One of its most dangerous properties is that it is used as recreational substance. It is used as cheap recreational substance known as ‘inhalant’.


Toluene is mostly produced from raw oil or coal.


Toluene is mostly used as thinner in industry. It is frequently used as solvent for dyes, dye thinners, glues, printer’s inks and polishes.

It is also precursor for many chemicals. Benzene and xylene are produced from toluene. It is used to create mono, d, and tri polyenes by being nitrification. Trinitro toluene, also known as TNT, is a well-known explosive.

Benzoic and benzaldehyde is produced from oxidation of toluene.

Toluene is also a very good fuel.

Safety Measures and Toxic Values

Toluene is toxic for humans. It may seriously damage central nervous system an deven cause death. Short-term exposure may cause nausea, vertigo and weakness. These are temporary effects. In higher doses, it may cause loss of conscience, color and vision loss. Prolonged exposure may damage heart and kidneys. Studies suggest that it is hazardous to fertility.

It is extremely irritant for eyes and skin. It may cause serious vision problems.

It is also extremely flammable. Its fires are uneffected by water as it has lower intensity than water. When stored, it may cause cumulation on ground as it has higher intensity than air.

Toluene must be stored in well-aired, cool environments. It must be kept away from all sources of fire.