Tri Methyl Propane (TMP)

Cas No: 77-99-6           
EINESC No: 201-074-9
Molecular weight: 134,17 g/mol  

Chemical Formula: C6H14O3
Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties

General Properties: White solid

Odor: low, characteristic

Intensity: 1.084 g/cm3 

Boiling point: 289 °C

Melting point:  58°C

Flash point: 172 °C

Vapor pressure:-

Refraction index:-

Solubility (aqueous) 2,350 g / mL

General Properties

Tri methyl propane, or TMP, is a white triol which has a very light odor. It demonstrates hygroscoptic properties. It possesses to hydroxy functional groups and it is commonly used in plastic industry.


Tri methyl propane is industrially produced by a 2 staged reaction. First stage is condensation of butanol and formaldehyde. Second stage is Cannizaro reacton.

Every year, 200.000.000 kg of TMP is produced worldwide.


Trimethyl propane’s main production purpose is alkid resin production. It is raw material for alkid resins. It is also used in epoxy and polyurethane productions.

Aside from these, it is used in dyestuff, certain pigments and silicone productions. It is also preferred in certain lacton plasiciser, textile chemical and surface active substance productions

Safety Measures and Toxic Values

Trimethyl Propane is extremely flammable. Therefore, it must be kept away from fire sources at all times.

TMP is not toxic for humans except for high amounts. Constant exposure may lead to damages in certain internal organs. It is estimated that it negatively effects fertility.